85% increased traffic 125% increased rankings

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The client

We were approached by Julia Harbage after being recommended by her son who previously worked with Leigh-Anne on a project.

Julia was brought in to help improve the website and understood the importance of having SEO as the foundation for this.

Copthill Independent School at the time were looking to improve their rankings and overall site structure.

The strategy

We initially did a full SEO audit of the Copthill website and identified content areas that were duplicated or broken as well as missing on-site elements.

We then worked closely with Julia on the new ideal structure of the website and redirected any pages we decided to remove

We also conducted keyword research and optimised the content for local searches and advised on Google My Business listing.

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What we achieved:

  • Increased organic traffic by 85% 
  • Improved rankings by 125%
  • Helped consult Julia in terms of content structure and removing unnecessary content pages on the site


You have been professional, hard-working, patient and thorough, taking me under your wing and navigating me through the world of SEO. It’s a far cry from where we started in January!
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Julia Harbage
Copthill Independent School