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Whether you’re just starting as a yoga teacher or have been running a yoga studio for years, you need to know how to get more students for your classes. Learning about digital marketing for yoga studios is your first step! Even if your yoga business is currently booming, it’s always wise to stay ahead of the curve with the best ideas for attracting new students – those who will love your classes, tell their friends about them, and keep coming back for more.

These days, most of the best ideas for growing your yoga business are focused on increasing your online visibility and attracting new students online.

Because of the contemplative nature of yoga, some teachers are slightly wary of yoga digital marketing and what it might mean for them. However, the past few years have seen a huge upsurge in the number of teachers who are now offering online classes via Zoom or other digital video platforms. Even those who are looking for students to fill their in-person classes are now scouring the internet for yoga marketing strategies.

Looking online for new students gives you an incredible opportunity to discover where your students are and make sure they know where to find you!

If you’re serious about reaching more people with this wonderful practice, you need to start connecting with your target audience online sooner rather than later – and you might need to be a little more proactive than you’d first thought.

Here are some of the digital marketing strategies yoga teachers are currently using to connect with a larger audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to build community and stay in touch with current and potential students. Try tweeting quick updates about changes to class schedules or sharing your free time practices and wellness tips on Facebook. This will help to keep your students in the loop and provide extra insights into the holistic realms of yoga philosophy and self-care.

It will also help to keep the most up-to-date information about your classes right where your students can see it.

If you’re serious about using social media for marketing your yoga classes, you need to have a Facebook business page. This will give you access to the Facebook advertising platform and allow you to add a larger number of followers in the long term than a personal Facebook page allows.

You will also probably need to get comfortable with a few things that might not come naturally to you. Of course, it’s always good for us to stretch ourselves to grow and learn new things, but some practices don’t, in their most traditional sense, lend themselves naturally to certain marketing methods.

To make Facebook or Instagram marketing work for you, you might have to get comfortable with some (or all) of the following activities.

  • Taking endless photos of yourself or your students in yoga poses
  • Being chatty and pithy in the online space, sometimes daily
  • Making videos
  • Feeling as if you’re permanently ‘on’ (accessible energetically to far too many people) when you’d rather be offline taking a beautiful walk in nature
  • Constantly photographing, documenting, and sharing moments from your outer life instead of simply enjoying them or, exploring those deeper inner realities.

Having a great website and making sure it has a constant and growing stream of new visitors means you may only need to do each of these things once!

Using social media marketing could also mean having to stay up to date with frequent changes in rules, regulations, and algorithm behaviour.

You may find that the only realistic option is to hire a social media marketing manager or get very comfortable with spending oodles of time researching social media marketing, algorithm updates, paid ads, yoga memes, and changes to the structure of Facebook’s advertising manager.

This takes up valuable time, time that might be better spent teaching and potentially earning more!


Many yoga teachers use YouTube to grow their online following. Then once they have grown it sufficiently, they may offer additional, paid online courses to students. However, there are no guarantees that students will book these courses when there are so many free classes available online.

Local Digital Marketing

Many people believe that digital marketing is designed only to bring the offerings of large companies to a vast international audience, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Studies of search behaviour have shown that approximately 97 percent of people first discover a new local business online. Think about it. What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for a new local service or offering?

There are still many people who prefer to have an in-person yoga class, with a teacher present to guide them, stretch them, and make sure they are performing the postures correctly.

If you are running in-person classes, local business marketing online is the next logical step, when you get tired of leaving postcards in shop windows, relying on word of mouth, trying to persuade your Facebook friends to sign up for classes, or just hoping for the best.

To use local digital marketing effectively, create a listing on Google My Business and make sure you’re listed in as many local online directories as possible.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an extremely powerful and effective digital marketing strategy.
With an up-to-date email list, you will always have access to several people you can reach immediately with your latest news and offers. Just a single engaging email can remind lapsed yoga students of what they’re missing and introduce new subscribers to your entire class timetable at the touch of a button.

However, to build your list, you need to increase your online presence by using tools and services that will bring traffic to your website where website visitors can fill in their email addresses and hit that subscribe button!

Alternatively, you could just stand at the door to your classes with a clipboard instead of politely and serenely welcoming students into the class. Please don’t do that.

Blog Posts

Yoga studio marketing can seem like a very competitive business. There are so many studios now, and yet there seems to be an ever-increasing need for them.

Posting regular blogs and articles is a way to guarantee an increase in the online authority of your studio and bring fresh, new traffic to your website.

Experienced yoga practitioners and new students alike are searching online every day for new information about the practice and benefits of yoga. Well-written articles on the topics people are searching for online will bring new students to your website and keep them returning.

Many people who have been practicing yoga for years will agree that the fascination with the practice never ends. If anything, the thirst for knowledge can often become insatiable as we go deeper into our practice.

People with certain health and wellness issues are searching online for yogic solutions every day! Did you know that every month in the USA alone 2,400 people are searching online for information about yoga for anxiety?

If you believe that the style of yoga you teach can help to ease anxiety, you need to make sure they will find you and your classes whenever they use this search term!

The only drawback with blog posts is that you need to be posting on a regular schedule, ideally uploading a minimum of three blog posts a month, to gradually increase your website traffic. A website with more than 50 blog posts can enjoy a 77 percent increase in website traffic!

Hiring a Professional

As a yoga teacher, your purpose is to guide your students through a series of yoga poses and breathing techniques that will bring them peace, flexibility, and union between mind, body, and spirit.

If marketing isn’t your strong point and you’d rather be spending more time teaching classes and focusing on your own personal development, you might want to hire a professional to design and execute your marketing campaign.

Try Working with a Boutique Digital Marketing Company

Some of the more clinical, techy-looking, corporate websites might seem a bit intimidating when you spend most of your time in meditation. It might take a lot of courage and breathwork to get up from Savasana and start contacting people who seem so far removed from your world.

You might imagine they’ll be impossible to understand, too busy to give your business the time and attention it needs, or secretly casting aspersions on your downward dog.

A smaller and more sympathetic SEO company might surprise you!

If you’re going to get serious about building the yoga business of your dreams, you need to talk to people who love helping small to medium-sized business owners to succeed, care about yoga and understand how search engines work.

Still scouring the internet for marketing ideas? Book a discovery call with LA Search, the boutique SEO non-agency, and find out how we can help you to start filling your yoga studio.

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