My new website is not showing on Google: 5 reasons why

why is my website not showing on google

Have you just set up a new site for your business? Or have you been online for a while but you’re still not seeing the traffic you deserve? Your business might not be showing up on Google for several reasons, and it’s important to know why so you can create an SEO strategy that will increase your visibility. 

My new website is not showing on Google vs my new content is not showing on Google

First of all, let’s establish the difference between a website not showing up on google and specific pages on your website not appearing on Google. 

If you search for your website or brand name on Google, does it appear in the search results? If it does, then the issue you’re having concerns the pages on your website, not the site as a whole. If it doesn’t appear, it could be because the website is so new, that Google doesn’t know about it yet. 

Going back to the first scenario, if you search for a term related to your product (not the name of your brand), for example “eco-friendly jeans” on Google, but no pages on your site have come appeared on the results list, this could be down to any or all of the following reasons.

  1. The content is new
  2. Low authority 
  3. You don’t have enough content
  4. Your content is not SEO optimised
  5. There’s too much competition
  6. Your site has technical SEO issues

Possible reasons why your website is not showing on google

The content is new

Building visibility online takes time. You can’t expect magic overnight, especially if your content/website is new. Google needs time to discover your content, or in technical terms, to index it, so patience is key. 

Solution: If you want to speed up the process, you can submit your content for indexing.

Low authority 

If your website is new, the site, along with its pages, is likely to have a low authority score. 

What does this mean? We hear you asking. Well, to put it simply, each website and page is given an authority score by an algorithm to determine its importance and trustworthiness. 

Whether or not your site appears in the search results for specific search terms is directly influenced by its page and domain authority, which is calculated based on the site’s quality, popularity, and backlink signals. By backlink signals, we mean links directing users to your site from other websites. 

Backlinks are vital for increasing your site’s authority and optimising it for search engines. They’re basically votes of confidence from other sites which tell Google that your site is worth paying attention to. 

Solution: Get high-quality backlinks to your website and make sure the site has high loading speeds and provides a great user experience.

You don’t have enough content

If you’re selling a product, one of the best ways to market it online is by creating useful, relevant content aimed at driving users to your website. The more engaging and SEO-optimised content you have on your site, the more likely your site will rank for key terms related to your product, which means more visibility online and more revenue for your business. 

Solution: Create engaging SEO content regularly.

Your content is not SEO optimised

You could have the most useful content in the world, but if it’s not optimised for search engines, very few people will see it. 

Solution: Carry out thorough keyword research and use it to create an SEO content strategy.

There’s too much competition

If your website is new and your brand unknown, targeting highly competitive keywords with a huge amount of search volume isn’t the best strategy to use. If you try to rank for the term “jeans”, for example, you’ll be up against clothing giants that have been monopolising the space for years. 

Solution: To make sure your content ranks for keywords that are relevant to your brand, use less competitive, long-tail keywords that you have more of a chance of ranking for in the search results. 

Your site has technical SEO issues

Technical SEO issues can cause a website’s visibility to skydive. Things like poor navigation, improper redirects and duplicate content are all serious problems that could land your site in trouble. So, it’s important you know exactly what you’re doing when you create and publish content on your site. 

Solution: Hire experts to fix your technical SEO issues.

If your website and/or content isn’t showing up on Google, there are several solutions that will help you see more traffic and, in turn, revenue. If you’re struggling and you’re not sure where to start, our team of SEO experts with years of experience can help your site to get the attention it deserves. Get SEO help from our friendly team and turn your business’s goals into a reality.

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