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Digital PR Services

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We make connections that get your business seen and your valuable industry perspectives heard

The team at LA Search can help you to expand your online presence with our digital PR services. We put your story in front of the right journalists and create meaningful connections that will continue to build brand authority for your website far into the future.

Using our data-driven creative content strategies, we combine our SEO knowledge with our digital PR campaigns to give you the best possible chance of gaining the exposure your business needs to get ahead and stay ahead.

By combining our digital search engine analytics tools with content marketing and traditional PR strategies, the LA Search team can put your news stories and events in front of thousands of UK journalists, as well as editors of online publications and traditional print media outlets.

Our digital PR tools and directory of media contacts will lead us to the media professionals who are looking for stories exactly like yours.

Industry-specific publications, consumer websites and influencer platforms are always looking for quotes and articles about developments in your industry. As part of our digital PR strategy for your brand, we aim to put you, your business, and your innovations on their radar.

We’re so excited that you’re considering using LA Search Digital PR. We pride ourselves on being able to place our traditional PR services on the undeniably firm foundation of data-driven, optimised creative content campaigns that give you a competitive advantage.

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So, what is digital PR?

More than just link building

Digital PR is a marketing strategy that combines traditional PR media with digital channels such as SEO, social media, and influencer marketing. It’s a unique, modern PR method that’s based on helping brands to develop relationships with influential media outlets and earn editorial coverage for their business.

This helps to increase the number of online news outlets, influencers and websites that will help to increase public awareness of your brand. The advantages of online PR over traditional PR are clear.

Everyone and everything is online these days and our digital PR specialists are able to use the best tools available to find the right people to shout about your business in the online and offline spaces!

Digital public relations has to be one of the most powerful ways of earning brand exposure. As we progress with our campaigns, we are able to keep track of all brand mentions in online publications. This enables us to build relationships with journalists and keep an eye on your increasing reach and growing authority.

Benefits of Digital PR

Put simply, digital PR is the digital age solution for achieving the following outcomes for your business:


Building a foundation that will up-level and continue to support your brand’s development


Providing opportunities to build media connections that will enhance our SEO strategy


Increasing brand awareness and introducing you and your brand to new audiences


Positioning your business as an industry

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Our Digital PR services

Content Creation & Marketing

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Our digital public relations content strategy involves creating unique content that gets your brand noticed by your target audience and by influential media professionals. We aim to win you those write-ups and earn those powerful authority-generating mentions and quotes. Journalists get their stories, and you get a wider cohort of new readers, reading those stories and wanting to discover all that you have to offer.

Reactive PR

In digital PR, timing is everything. Our teams have been structured to ensure that we can respond quickly to requests and breaking news stories. Using our research tools, we are able to discover relevant news stories that align with your industry or expertise, making sure you are one of the first to offer relevant stories, information or comments on the topic.

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Why LA Search?

Breaking The Mould

LA Search is so much more than a digital PR agency. We consider ourselves a non-agency because we aren’t traditional in any sense. We’re more like a family than an online PR agency. A family that will be passionate about championing your business and making sure you get the exposure and recognition you deserve!

Forging Your Business’s Future

At LA Search, we do our best work when we connect with the people and the stories behind the brand. By connecting with our clients and their unique goals, we are able to use these connections as the foundation for creating meaningful marketing strategies. Ones that assist our clients in moving closer to their goals and achieving high authority in their industry.

Unrivalled Industry Expertise

Our team has decades of experience in the digital marketing space.

We’ve worked with FTSE 500 companies, NGOs, and social enterprises.

We’ve achieved results consistently.

We’ve taken the best of our experience with us and brought it to our work at LA Search.

We’re an Approachable Team of…

Wordsmiths, data nerds, strategy savants, keyword obsessives, helpful puppies, and purveyors of positive vibes only. Join us!