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Why SEO?

Increase visibility

Increase your Google web presence and get discovered by customers who are already searching for your product or service! Having a great website doesn’t guarantee you automatic visibility. Visibility has to be earned by building trust with the search engines. Your ideal customers or clients are looking for you online right now! You're just not visible to them yet. With our SEO strategies, we conduct competitor and keyword research to improve rankings so that your website is seen by as many people as possible. ​

Increase Organic Traffic

With the world literally at your fingertips, small business marketing has never been easier - if you know the tools and secrets that will make the magic happen! Our job is to give you those tools and secrets and work with you to implement them, so you'll never again be left wondering why no one ever gets to see your beautifully designed website! Our team will guide you through the process in a way that’s patient, empathetic, and straightforward. Low on jargon, high on results.​

Increase conversion rate

LA Search can help you grow revenue and achieve your business goals, with high-quality content marketing from our writers and SEO experts! Once your target audience has discovered your website and engaged with your content, they will be converted to purchasing customers, helping you to fulfil your dream of dominating in the online market.


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On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO is an ongoing task that will continually evolve as search engine algorithms update. We regularly test and measure our results to ensure that our campaigns are having the desired impact.

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Off-page SEO

No SEO strategy is complete without a link-building campaign. Our experts have years of experience in building an extensive link profile, giving your website the domain authority and exposure it deserves.

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SEO Audit

Not sure where to start or what you need? We will carry out an SEO audit on your website that will highlight your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

SEO Training

We love providing knowledge and the strategy to our clients, but ultimately we want our clients to become SEO experts themselves! Our comprehensive training days can include bespoke technical SEO, on-page optimisation, 

Google Analytics, link building training and so much more.


Upskilling you and your team members with tailored SEO training will unlock a world of opportunities for your business online. Ultimately, we’re here to become your strategic partner; your trusted consultant that provides excellent training, time and time again.


Most frequent Search Engine Optimisation questions and answers

From our previous experience, it generally takes 4 to 6 months to see results. But remember this will only get better with time.

For both online and offline businesses, online prominence helps to create brand awareness and handling reputation management. For online brands, first-page ranking will bring in more potential customers.

Yes, by improving your keyword positions and achieving 1st page rankings you will see a boost to your website traffic.

Rank drops are common and can often be due to algorithm updates. Get a thorough assessment done on your site by a reputed SEO company to find out what caused the dip and how to recover from it.

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