What is SEO consulting?

SEO Consulting

As a growing business, you’ll want to do everything in your power to help your company reach its goals. Part of the process is increasing visibility online. 

Digital marketing spending in the UK increased by 9.6% between 2020 and 2021, and more business leaders are becoming conscious of the power of online marketing. It’s more important than ever to make sure your business is as visible as possible in the digital space. 

That’s where SEO consulting comes in. Whether that’s from an individual or an agency, our blog will explain exactly what it entails before you seek expert SEO help.

What’s the difference between SEO consultants and an SEO agency?

SEO consultants are individuals who work as external contractors for businesses to help improve their visibility on search engines. SEO consultants tend to work alone on a freelance basis and will charge an hourly or day rate.

SEO agencies come in all sizes, with some working with businesses across a range of sectors. Others may narrow down the industries they work with, adopting a more boutique approach. 

SEO agencies employ a number of highly skilled individuals and experts in technical SEO, content marketing and copywriting to offer all-round packages to businesses. Businesses often hire agencies on a retainer for a specific time period.

What does SEO consulting involve?

SEO consulting involves a series of practices aimed at optimising websites and content for search engines. This basically means getting a business’ website and content ranking for key search terms that will drive traffic, conversions and/or leads and keep its website healthy.

The benefits of using an SEO consultant or SEO agency?

Using the right external contractor or agency will jettison your marketing strategy into the 21st century. 

Not only will you see your site’s online visibility increase, but you’ll see increases in traffic and revenue as a result of the processes put in place. 

As well as creating and implementing your SEO strategy, some agencies have the resource to pass on their knowledge to businesses so that after their contract ends, they can continue what the agency started and keep their websites performing as they should.

Do I need SEO help?

If your website is new and you’re not sure where to start with content, hiring an SEO consultant or agency will give your content marketing direction.

If you already have content on your website that isn’t ranking on Google and you’d like to know why, an SEO team will help you identify the problems and solve them, so that your content can work harder and generate new business for you. 

Why LA Search?

We’re a group of like-minded SEO experts who are passionate about helping businesses thrive in the digital space. With decades of experience between us, we know what it takes to get your brand noticed, having achieved amazing results for previous clients

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