SEO for Estate Agents

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential to master SEO for estate agents, so your company is the first business your customers find online.

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is a technique that places you higher up the organic (non-paid) search page rankings.

It is no longer optional for a business to decide if they should pay attention to SEO, it is a crucial part of any online digital marketing strategy.

However, many companies do not understand the importance of using this marketing technique. This means they fall down the rankings, and customers can not find them online.

Read on to find out why SEO is crucial for your estate agency business.


If you pay for online advertisements, you may or may not get some new customers over the period the ad displays to potential home sellers.

But if you want long-term benefits, then you should focus on search engine optimisation for estate agents.
Your content creation strategy should concentrate on providing valuable information that your customers will find useful.

The search engine algorithms reward websites that post regular fresh content, so this is a great way to get in front of your target market.

Over time, you can build up a library of videos and blog posts that customers can view for months and years after you created the content.


When people wonder what is SEO for estate agents or why is it different from broader SEO methods, one factor is the ability to connect with local customers.

As an estate agent, most of your customers will be people looking to sell their property in the surrounding area.

Therefore, they should be able to find you easily when they look for your type of service.

An excellent place to start is on Google My Business, and you should also place local keywords in your blog posts and your website pages.


One of the most significant factors in using SEO for your estate agency business is that you can measure the results.

There are many software programs that can track how many users visit your website, which pages they view, and how long they spend on each page. You can also view how the visitors found your website.

For example, you may find customers visit after reading your social media posts, or perhaps your blog is attracting attention.

This means you know which SEO methods are working and which ones you need to tweak to achieve better results.


If anyone is in any doubt as to why SEO is important, a vital factor is that it offers an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Estate agents are often competing against many other companies, so using an advertising budget wisely is essential.

An effective SEO strategy allows you to gain customers through organic rather than paid marketing, so you see a much better ROI over time.

One of the mistakes companies make is expecting to see an instant profit from SEO. However, this is not how this technique works. You should usually expect to see the benefit around 6-12 months after you begin using this strategy.

Working with a reliable and trustworthy partner is essential to ensure your efforts pay off over an extended period.

They can provide regular reports to show the direction of your campaign and explain how they plan to increase your online visibility.


When you pay for an online advertisement, the chances are you’re showing an offer that grabs a prospect’s attention and encourages them to click. But this method may draw clients who are only interested in getting a good deal.

They may not even be particularly interested in your service. This means you are paying to attract people who are not going to open their wallets and give your their business.

In contrast, SEO traffic is coming to your website because they are interested in your content and information.

Perhaps you’ve written valuable content, and this potential customer may now begin to feel you are a trustworthy company.

This is an excellent method for winning business as customers know you are a knowledgeable business that provides useful information for free.


There are many aspects you can adapt to increase your SEO results. These factors offer you multiple ways to reach new customers and provide more value.

Although having a blog and posting new content is important, the design of your website is also crucial.

The correct site design makes it easier for search engines to crawl each page and determine the quality of your content.

This means you are more likely to place higher up the search engine rankings when people are looking for your services.

Another crucial aspect of SEO is using the correct keywords. A good partner company can identify the keywords most people are searching for in relation to an estate agency.

This data then forms the basis for your content creation strategy. It’s important not to keyword stuff, as search engines are likely to penalise you.

However, using just the right amount of these words and phrases can pay rich dividends.


Search engines only want to direct customers towards the best services. Otherwise, people will switch to a different engine that provides better results. This means they are more likely to take customer reviews into account.

You know you provide an excellent service, so it’s a good idea to have a review page on your website. Customers can leave you a 5-star rating and explain to others why you are the best estate agent in the area.

This is a fantastic method to boost your credibility and reputation.


At LA Search, we’re proud of our ability to increase our clients’ online visibility and boost brand awareness.

Our expert team work closely with you to understand your business and implement the most effective SEO for estate agents strategy.

Using the latest techniques, we can help you get ahead of your competitors. The proof is in our case studies and our outstanding level of repeat business.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the friendly team at LA Search today

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